Josie (jozoflife19) wrote in photo_fiends,


thought pictures of plants and flowers were boring so i tried some myself...let me know what u think
honesty por favor! :)





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*laughs. yes, flowers n plants to me, r boring. but then again, that's my jealousy speaking. (the 4th one is gorgeous.)

i like the 2nd pic best. though i can't seem to pinpoint the exact reason why. maybe cause it's cute? maybe cause everything's blurry/out of focus? maybe cause most people love to take shots of petals, they have kind of forgotten that plants do have thorns n though they ain't as attractive, if well taken, they show more personality than petals.
i agree! if not more..i also love that pic, one of my favorites, mum says she likes it cuz she sees it as an abstract painting :) but then again shes a painter...i dont know exactly why i like it so much either, i think cuz the blurry makes it look soft but then u got those vicious thorns comin at ya that u didnt expect...reminds me of me :) *nerdy moment*
thanks for the comments!
Those are pretty good, I love the first one. Everything looks good but I'd try not zooming in as much/getting too close. Try getting the whole flower/plant in the frame.
I love them all, and wouldnt change a thing.
I think the point of the whole thing was getting so close. Using and extreme close up to make you feel overwhelmed and consumed by the detail of the plant.
Pictures of perfectly framed plants can get boring, but with the rich colors you use, the closeness gives you a warm earthy feeling.
you totally get it :)
thank you so much for your comment