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the image-oriented minds

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a community for the image-oriented minds

photography is the art of observation
noticing and capturing small details

a community for those who feel attached to their cameras
who know that a lens is an extension of the eye
and the shutter connects to the veins of the finger
those minds that see the small details
or the giant canvases of life that are never noticed

How it will work:
Once a week we'll have a theme picked at random from suggestions given by community members. Everyone in the community will be encouraged to take at least one picture a day (if possible) that incorporates that theme. Community members will also be encouraged (and to some extent expected) to leave constructive feedback as often as possible. This will really only work if we all work together and post both pictures and feedback. If people persist in posting only pictures but no feedback they'll be asked to leave.

I extend an open invitation to all photographers who are willing to become part of a community of artists and participants in the shaping of life. This is a community for any photographer who wishes to improve and grow in their expression of life through the lens.
~katie the hippie